Flat Art

Below are examples of my flat art photography. Read on to hear the story behind the shots.

I had first met Kathy Corcoran when Kayla McKenzie and myself leisurely took my trick tandem along the beautiful beachfront paths to the Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Centers reception to support Venita Rames (my boss’ mother in law) first show. As we were engulfing ourselves in the art, the venue, and each other, Kathy mentioned she had two pieces that she wanted photographed. Lucky for her, she was speaking with two photographers, Kayla, and Myself. We exchanged information and set a date for her flat art photo shoot.

Photography flat art is very intricate and highly technical. The lighting must be hitting the piece from the right hight and from the right angles to ensure the colors in the piece were appropriately represented. The height and leveling of my camera’s lens must be perfectly concentric to the height and leveling of the piece. The correct lens focal length must be found to prevent vignetting. And, it goes on. Being an engineer I loved this process.

For purchase inquiries please contact Kathy Corcoran topcat2go@yahoo.com


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