Nick Jacobs has been immersed in art since before he could even say the word itself, both of his parents are artists.

Jacobs has his degree in Manufacturing Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Design from Cal Poly Pomona. He works full time as a Manufacturing Engineer at Arthrex California Technology and part time as a graphic designer for SkimChicks, The Women’s International Skimboarding Association, Cal Poly Pomona Cycling, Tridivas, and as a photographer for EOS Lounge and DNA Imagery as well as an art curator for DNA Gallery.

He currently has his photography hanging at Sugar Rush Cafe in Los Angeles. He has had a featured show, Trifection, in Venice Beach and a solo show, Mutualism, at Ultimate Bagels as well as at prAna, Santa Barbara Outfitters, in Santa Barbara.

Nick Jacobs idolizes the concept that art, photography, and graphic design can invoke deep uncertainty, emotions, and stimulation. He plans to do exactly that with his work in the future.


4 Responses to Biography

  1. Wilma Von Flue Evers says:

    Great Nicholas, I enjoyed going thru your website. I am so glad that you are going forward in the arts. Love you Grandma Wilma

  2. Very nice, Nick! I love the website!

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